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Misaligned teeth compromise the beauty of your smile. If you think your teeth are not as aligned right, then do not think twice before going for dental braces. We know you are worried about people making fun of you because braces are very visible. 

But, worry not because there is an alternate option of clear aligners. For all you folks who live in Pune and want to find out where to get dental braces from, we have the right place for you.

There are 5 main types of braces available today:

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Where can I get dental braces?

Finding the right dental clinic is such a demanding task but we have made it easy for you. If you plan on getting dental braces in Kothrud, come to Smile-Inn Dental Clinic. Wondering why? Let us find out:

  • At Smile-Inn Dental Clinic, you can avail not only the traditional dental braces but other types like ceramic braces, lingual braces, and clear aligners. 
  • You can find state of the art dental facilities, endowed with robust technology and finest quality dental healthcare products. 
  • You can get clear aligners at a super affordable rate at Smile-Inn Dental Clinic, with easy payable EMI options for expensive versions. 

If you look at the expertise of dentists, you would not look any where else to get dental braces


Cost of getting dental braces

At Smile-inn Dental Clinic, you can get all kinds of dental braces in Kothrud at affordable price ranges.

Let us take a look at what different types of braces will cost you:

Traditional Braces

If you plan on getting traditional dental braces in Kothrud, If you want to know the range kindly give us a call to our clinic. The final price quote will depend on the level of misalignment of your teeth.

Ceramic Braces

To get ceramic dental braces in Kothrud, If you want to know the range kindly give us a call to our clinic.This option is costlier than traditional braces because they look very natural.

Clear aligners

Clear aligners are the most unassuming of all the types of braces. They are practically invisible. If you want to know the range kindly give us a call to our clinic and the final quote varies from brand to brand.

Meet Our Experts Dentist


Dr. B Srinivasan

Prosthodontist & Implantologist


Dr. Anjali Srinivasan

Esthetic Dentist

Procedure of getting dental braces

While the overall procedure of getting dental braces in Pune varies based on type of braces, there is a general practice followed for traditional braces. This includes the following steps:

Step 1

The first step involves cleaning teeth to remove bacteria.

Step 2

In this step, your dentist will attach the metal brackets.

Step 3

Lastly, the wires and brackets would be secured using rubber brands.

Do not worry if you feel some discomfort while getting dental braces in Pune, it is normal. You may buy a prescribed pain medicine to counter pain post the procedure of getting dental braces in Pune.

Should you get clear aligners?

Are you doubtful about getting clear aligners in Kothrud, Pune? Look at the below given pros and cons to make a final decision.


  • Clear aligners are practically invisible and least intrusive.
  • They are comfortable to wear and can be removed.
  • They can correct your teeth alignment in half the time.


  • Clear aligners may cost twice as much as traditional braces.
  • They may not always stay in place.
  • You might have to levy more focus on your dental hygiene.

If you have the money in your pocket, then getting clear aligners is definitely wiser. Afterall, braces stay on your teeth for a long time, the comfort and cleanliness matters. We suggest you not to think twice before getting clear aligners at Smile-Inn Dental Clinic.

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Frequently asked questions

After bonding the dental braces, it takes about 1-2 hours for the process to finish.

Usually, orthodontists do not recommend tooth extraction for fixing teeth braces. But if there is a serious crowding issue, one or two teeth need to be removed.

Getting or having braces is not painful. However, slight discomfort and soreness are usual after getting them. Apart from this, metal braces may feel to be a little tight after getting them readjusted on a follow-up visit to the orthodontist.

While wearing dental braces, one must definitely avoid any carbonated drinks, sticky food, and crunchy food including ice and popcorn.

What Our Patient Say About Us

Manasi Joshi
Manasi Joshi
Sanman Kulkarni
Sanman Kulkarni
Very nice and polite and efficient and fast services with good quality. Staff is very helpful.
sejal yannawar
sejal yannawar
I had a time crunch and they helped me with multiple fillings and a root canal very efficiently in the given time that we had. They were quite patient and understanding as well.
Prajna Honawar
Prajna Honawar
Deepti Kulkarni Sharma
Deepti Kulkarni Sharma
Ganesh Chaudhari
Ganesh Chaudhari
Good service for dental related
Preeti Shenolikar
Preeti Shenolikar
Dr is perfect in his work. Also very calm & has lot' s of patience to answer our questions. Staff is also very supportive. Overall very good experience.
lalitha Jain
lalitha Jain
If it is Dr Kartik and Dr Anjali there cannot be a problem . Have been coming to them for 16)17 years... They are the best in addressing patient's dental concerns and problems. They have established excellent personal much so that I refer to Dr. B. Srinivasan as Kartik... Excellent job both of you ..
Himani Joshi
Himani Joshi
I went in for a cleaning but was not informed beforehand that my case won’t be handled by either of the Dr. Srinivasan’s. Staff was professional and courteous, however, the orthodontist on call definitely had a rough hand, making it an overall unpleasant experience. Moreover, the experience felt rushed given the urgency to meet the next appointment despite the 1/2 hr delay in starting mine. Also I firmly believe that patients can do without sarcasm when hearing recommendations from the on call hygienist. Often a simple yet non judgmental opinion is well received by patients. Anyway, hoping for a better experience next time if I do choose to go in.
Sunil Bhise
Sunil Bhise
Nice treatment, good staff👍👍



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