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When your dentist fills a certain area of your tooth as a restoration, it is called dental filling. These fillings help in repairing bad teeth using a restorative material made of metal, plastic, glass etc. 

Do you think your teeth may need dental fillings? If you are in Pune and want to know the best place to get dental filling from then Smile-Inn Dental Clinic is the choicest option. Let us find out why.

Advantages of Tooth Coloured Fillings

  • Aesthetic

    Composite restoration can be closely matched to the colour and shade of your natural teeth making it a natural looking solution

  • Bonding

    Composite restorations bond to the tooth structure chemically, which provides a strong support to the tooth.

  • Versatility

    Tooth coloured restorations are able to be used for a variety of treatments, including but not limited to decaying teeth, chipped teeth, broken teeth or worn down teeth.

  • Preparation

    In cases where tooth structure needs to be removed, such as when there is decay, tooth coloured restorations allow for the minimal amount of the tooth to have to be removed.

Why Smile-Inn Dental Clinic for dental fillings?

If you are wondering why you should come to Smile Inn Dental Clinic to get dental fillings in Kothrud, then your answer is given below:

  • At Smile-Inn Dental Clinic, you would feel at home. The atmosphere is very welcoming and all the dental professionals are experts. 

  • Here, you can get dental fillings of the material of your choice. All the options are customizable and different materials are offered.
  • At Smile-Inn Dental Clinic, the dental fillings are not only aesthetically pleasing but also affordable and long lasting.
  • or dental fillings in Kothrud, Smile-Inn offers you EMI options to pay as per your convenience. 

In addition to traditional dental fillings in Kothrud, you can also get inlays and onlays at Smile-Inn Dental Clinic. All these services at highly affordable prices. 

Before & after (4)Before & after (5)

Choosing the best option for dental fillings?

If you are split between which material to choose for your dental fillings in Kothrud, then look at the pros and cons of each material to understand better. 

  • Silver dental fillings 

Pro – They can last upto 15 years and cost less than composite fillings. 

Con – Using it is a highly intrusive option, it may require much tampering with the original shape and size of teeth to accommodate. 

  • Composite fillings

Pro – It looks like real teeth and can be customized to match the actual color of a person’s teeth. 

Con – It does not last very long. It may max out at 5 years. 

  • Porcelain/ceramic fillings

Pro – It also looks like real teeth and can last upto 15 years. 

Con – It can be a very costly option. 

Some people also opt for gold and glass material as dental fillings, but these are not typically opted for. You can get any of these dental fillings in Kothrud at Smile-Inn Dental Clinic.

Qualified Doctors


Dr. B Srinivasan

Prosthodontist & Implantologist


Dr. Anjali Srinivasan

Esthetic Dentist

Procedure of getting dental fillings


If you are sure of getting dental fillings in Pune and want to learn about the procedure before your schedule your appointment, then we got you covered. 

  • First your dentist will administer a local anaesthesia to numb the area where the cavity is. 

  • If the area is decayed, then removal of the decayed and damaged area is done. The area is also disinfected. 

  • After disinfection, the dentist applies the filling material to the area of the cavity. 

For your dental fillings, the dentist may do something else to perform bonding of the material to teeth but that process varies from material to material. Overall, the process of getting dental fillings is not very time consuming.

What to do once you get dental fillings?


Once you get dental fillings in Pune, the next step is the aftercare. 

  • To make the most out of the dental fillings, you should avoid sticky and hard food items for some time. 

  • If you feel sensitivity or pain in the area where the restoration has occurred then do not worry because the pain will wear off in time. 

  • Prevent brushing and flossing too rigorously until your teeth are back to normal. 

As you follow the aftercare tips properly, your oral health will stay in great shape. So, take good care of your teeth and don’t shy away from getting dental fillings

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Frequently asked questions

While you may feel some discomfort, we’ll administer a local anaesthetic which will numb the area. You may experience some discomfort and sensitivity after the procedure, this will go away and can be managed with pain relief medication.

How long will the dental restoration last?
Composite resin fillings can last for 10 years or longer. You can help preserve your fillings by:

  • avoiding food and drinks that stain teeth
  • having regular dental check ups
  • following good oral hygiene

Initially, you will experience numbness in the restored area for about 2 to 3 hours. During this time, take care not to bite or chew on the numb tissue. You may experience sensitivity after the procedure, this should resolve within a few weeks. In not, you should contact your dentist for more information. information

  • Can be easily shaped according to the tooth structure, and prevents over the preparation of the tooth.
  • They bond naturally to the tooth surface.
  • Match the natural color of the tooth.
    High strength and fracture resistance.
  • Amalgam may have a risk of mercury toxicity in some individuals.

The traditional ways of restorations have been replaced by various advanced materials, with superior properties in all aspects.

These materials include

  1. Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC)- usually used in primary teeth or in non stress bearing areas of tooth.
  2. Composite.

All of these cements vary in their properties like, strength, durability, shades, etc.

What Our Patient Say About Us

Manasi Joshi
Manasi Joshi
Sanman Kulkarni
Sanman Kulkarni
Very nice and polite and efficient and fast services with good quality. Staff is very helpful.
sejal yannawar
sejal yannawar
I had a time crunch and they helped me with multiple fillings and a root canal very efficiently in the given time that we had. They were quite patient and understanding as well.
Prajna Honawar
Prajna Honawar
Deepti Kulkarni Sharma
Deepti Kulkarni Sharma
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Ganesh Chaudhari
Good service for dental related
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Preeti Shenolikar
Dr is perfect in his work. Also very calm & has lot' s of patience to answer our questions. Staff is also very supportive. Overall very good experience.
lalitha Jain
lalitha Jain
If it is Dr Kartik and Dr Anjali there cannot be a problem . Have been coming to them for 16)17 years... They are the best in addressing patient's dental concerns and problems. They have established excellent personal much so that I refer to Dr. B. Srinivasan as Kartik... Excellent job both of you ..
Himani Joshi
Himani Joshi
I went in for a cleaning but was not informed beforehand that my case won’t be handled by either of the Dr. Srinivasan’s. Staff was professional and courteous, however, the orthodontist on call definitely had a rough hand, making it an overall unpleasant experience. Moreover, the experience felt rushed given the urgency to meet the next appointment despite the 1/2 hr delay in starting mine. Also I firmly believe that patients can do without sarcasm when hearing recommendations from the on call hygienist. Often a simple yet non judgmental opinion is well received by patients. Anyway, hoping for a better experience next time if I do choose to go in.
Sunil Bhise
Sunil Bhise
Nice treatment, good staff👍👍



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