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Losing your teeth is not as uncommon as you might think, but thankfully the procedure of dental implants helps you get replacement of tooth roots. Resulting from this, you can easily get a new set of teeth. 

If you are looking for a good dental implants clinic in the Kothrud area, then we have exactly what you need. Come and get dental implants in Smile-Inn Dental Clinic to see your smile bloom. Let us learn more.

Who is eligible for dental implants?

  • A person with one or more missing teeth

  • A person who is healthy enough to go through minor oral surgery

  • A person who is willing to invest their time and emotional energy in the process

  • A person who has enough bone to anchor an implant

Why come to Smile-Inn Dental Clinic for dental implants?


If you have second thoughts about visiting Smile-Inn Dental Clinic for getting dental implants in Kothrud, then look below to see what they offer:

  • At Smile-Inn Dental Clinic, you will be treated by a dental implant specialist. All your dental health needs would be catered to by a team of expert dentists and specialists.
  • Endowed with a wonderful lab and infrastructure, Smile-Inn Dental Clinic is well-known for exquisite dental implants in Kothrud. 

  • Keeping Covid-19 in mind, good hygiene standards are maintained here.
  • At Smile-Inn Dental Clinic, you will get one of the most affordable dental implants in Kothrud. 

With patients giving great reviews to Smile-Inn Dental Clinic, your treatment visit would definitely be very fruitful. 

Qualified Doctors


Dr. B Srinivasan

Prosthodontist & Implantologist


Dr. Anjali Srinivasan

Esthetic Dentist

Advantages of dental implants

If you are not certain whether a dental implant would help you out enough, then take a look at the advantages of getting dental implants in Kothrud. 

  • If you get dental implants in Kothrud, your appearance will improve significantly as these implants look very natural and infuse easily with bone. 

  • You would love getting your dental implants in Kothrud, as they would be durable, comfortable, and convenient. You can expect speech enhancements with the help of the implants. 

  • With dental implants, you do not have to worry about removing your dentures and putting them back on again. 

We have mentioned only a few advantages here but there are many more. You do not have to think too hard on if you should get it or not.

What is the procedure of dental implants?

While the particular procedure used by any dentist would vary from one expert to another, there is a common procedure followed for dental implants in Pune. 

  • Conducting a dental exam – First your dental expert will take X-rays and 3D images of your teeth for modelling. 

  • Looking at the medical history of the patient – Any expert will review your medical history before going for dental implants in Pune. If you take any particular medicine regularly or have a disease, inform your dentist. 

  • Giving you a suitable treatment plan – Based on your specific needs, the dentist would give you a dummy treatment plan. This would be formed based on the condition of your teeth and jawline. 

The process of getting successful dental implants in Pune is quite uncomplicated. You can schedule your visit today to say hello to fabulous teeth.

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Frequently asked questions

This form of smile restoration replaces a lost tooth with an implant, or titanium post. An implant or post bonds with the bone of the jaw to create a stable foundation for a false tooth or crown. The implant also minimizes bone loss. An abutment on top of the implant screw connects the crown securely to the base to restore oral function and a beautiful smile. Multiple implants can be implanted to replace the loss of multiple teeth. An implant can also form the basis for bridges, and fixed or removable dentures.

The dental implant process will take at least several months. If you enjoy optimal oral health, and your jaw bone is robust enough to accept an implant, you could receive your post on the same day the tooth is extracted. Patients will have to wait several months before a final crown can be placed to allow the area to heal. If a patient suffers from an infection, loss of a tooth to trauma, or requires a bone grafting procedure, they may need several additional weeks or months before the entire implant process is complete.

No. We use local anesthetic to ensure your comfort throughout the implant procedure and offer sedation dentistry to patients with dental anxiety or other concerns. You may experience discomfort following the procedure, but this can typically be treated with the application of ice and the use of over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen.

Dental implants can last 20 or more years with proper care. They could even last a lifetime. Crowns typically last 10-15 years or more.

What Our Patient Say About Us

Manasi Joshi
Manasi Joshi
Sanman Kulkarni
Sanman Kulkarni
Very nice and polite and efficient and fast services with good quality. Staff is very helpful.
sejal yannawar
sejal yannawar
I had a time crunch and they helped me with multiple fillings and a root canal very efficiently in the given time that we had. They were quite patient and understanding as well.
Prajna Honawar
Prajna Honawar
Deepti Kulkarni Sharma
Deepti Kulkarni Sharma
Ganesh Chaudhari
Ganesh Chaudhari
Good service for dental related
Preeti Shenolikar
Preeti Shenolikar
Dr is perfect in his work. Also very calm & has lot' s of patience to answer our questions. Staff is also very supportive. Overall very good experience.
lalitha Jain
lalitha Jain
If it is Dr Kartik and Dr Anjali there cannot be a problem . Have been coming to them for 16)17 years... They are the best in addressing patient's dental concerns and problems. They have established excellent personal much so that I refer to Dr. B. Srinivasan as Kartik... Excellent job both of you ..
Himani Joshi
Himani Joshi
I went in for a cleaning but was not informed beforehand that my case won’t be handled by either of the Dr. Srinivasan’s. Staff was professional and courteous, however, the orthodontist on call definitely had a rough hand, making it an overall unpleasant experience. Moreover, the experience felt rushed given the urgency to meet the next appointment despite the 1/2 hr delay in starting mine. Also I firmly believe that patients can do without sarcasm when hearing recommendations from the on call hygienist. Often a simple yet non judgmental opinion is well received by patients. Anyway, hoping for a better experience next time if I do choose to go in.
Sunil Bhise
Sunil Bhise
Nice treatment, good staff👍👍



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