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Between 35 to 44 years, 69% of the people have lost at least one tooth. With age, that number only goes up. Lost teeth can really ruin your smile, but good news is that you can reclaim your radiant smile with the help of dentures. 

For those residing in Kothrud, Pune, we have the right place you can visit to get dentures. You should come to Smile-Inn Dental Clinic to welcome back a bright smile to your life. Want to find out more about this clinic and dentures? Stick around as we tell you.

How Are Dentures Made?

  • Make a series of impressions of your jaw and take measurements of how your jaws relate to one another and how much space is between them.

  • Gum recession is when the root (or cementum) of the tooth becomes exposed as the gum line pulls away from its original attachment.

  • Cast a final denture and Adjustments will be made as necessary.

Why Smile-Inn Dental Clinic for dentures?

Dentures restore your smile, this is why it is important to get them from a good place. At Smile-Inn Dental Clinic, you would find all the things right for getting dentures in Kothrud.

  • Here you can get affordable options of dentures in Kothrud for both complete and partial teeth loss. You can also avail the option of easy payment in instalments. 

  • At Smile-Inn Dental Clinic, you would witness state of the art dental facilities to get dentures in Kothrud. You would come across the finest of technology and the best brands of dentures. 

  • You would be treated by expert dentists with years of experience in providing multiple kinds of denture treatments. 

We can safely say that your visit to Smile-Inn Dental Clinic would be a satisfactory one.

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What are the types of dentures?

The term dentures is not restricted to removal and restorative false teeth, there are various different types that cater to distinct requirements. Let us see some types of dentures in Kothrud:

  • Complete dentures – These are removal dentures for all your teeth. They look very similar to real teeth and can be customized based on your specific needs. 

  • Fixed partial dentures – Using surrounding teeth as a support for dentures, fixed partial dentures are opted for in case of a few missing teeth. You can easily get these dentures in Kothrud. 

  • Removable partial dentures – These are unsupported dentures for a few missing teeth. They are composed in a case frame to fit easily. 

While these three types are the major ones, you can get many more options of dentures 

Explore more to find out the best fit for you. 

Qualified Doctors


Dr. B Srinivasan

Prosthodontist & Implantologist


Dr. Anjali Srinivasan

Esthetic Dentist

Pros of getting dentures

If your plan of getting dentures in Pune is not yet solid, then we suggest you take a look at all the pros of the treatment:

  • Getting dentures in Pune does not consume much time. You can get dentures fitted within a day or two. While most other restorative procedures require you to visit the dentist several times. 

  • When you get dentures in Pune, they will feel like real teeth. You can’t tell the difference between dentures and real teeth. 

  • Dentures are affordable and provide good support to your jaw and bone structure. 

In addition to all these, dentures ameliorate your smile and help you regain confidence. 

Cons of getting dentures

Before you take your final call, let us also look at the cons of getting dentures in Pune. 

  • You may face some problems in adjusting to dentures. It just takes time to get used to them. 

  • Once you get dentures in Pune, it may take some time to be able to taste food right. This is because they cover the upper palate of your mouth. 

  • You may get dentures in Pune refitted a few times if they are not adjusted properly in the start. 

Most of the cons related to dentures are just adjustment issues which can be eradicated with some training from specialists. 

You need not look at your missing teeth for long now, get dentures and say hello to a perfect smile. 

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Frequently asked questions

Partials are tooth replacement prosthetics that fill gaps in the smile. Following extensive tooth loss, these dentures allow us to retain healthy teeth while restoring healthy function. These tooth replacement prosthetics use a gum colored base material that is crafted to fit between healthy teeth. The replacement teeth are attached to this base, and the entire partial denture is anchored in place with clasps attached to healthy teeth.


Full dentures also use a gum colored base material to support replacement teeth. Because there are no remaining teeth to provide support, the base material is crafted to fit against the gum line, creating suction that holds the denture in place. For added support, some patients choose to use a small amount of denture adhesive.

Implant dentures can be either partial or full tooth replacement prosthetics. Prior to placement, they closely resemble removable dentures. However, these tooth replacement prosthetics are attached to dental implant posts that mimic natural root structures holding your denture in place.

Depending on the type of denture you receive, you may need to make some changes to your diet to avoid damaging the tooth replacement prosthetic, choking, or causing the denture to shift. Partial dentures are clasped into place firmly against surrounding teeth, and most patients experience 30% or greater restoration of chewing range. Removable full dentures can replace as much as 20% of healthy function when properly fitted. For the most stability, an implant partial or full denture is ideal. Patients with implant-retained dentures experience restoration of as much as 70% of natural chewing function. No two patients are exactly alike. We encourage you to try to eat foods, carefully, to discover your limits.

What Our Patient Say About Us

Manasi Joshi
Manasi Joshi
Sanman Kulkarni
Sanman Kulkarni
Very nice and polite and efficient and fast services with good quality. Staff is very helpful.
sejal yannawar
sejal yannawar
I had a time crunch and they helped me with multiple fillings and a root canal very efficiently in the given time that we had. They were quite patient and understanding as well.
Prajna Honawar
Prajna Honawar
Deepti Kulkarni Sharma
Deepti Kulkarni Sharma
Ganesh Chaudhari
Ganesh Chaudhari
Good service for dental related
Preeti Shenolikar
Preeti Shenolikar
Dr is perfect in his work. Also very calm & has lot' s of patience to answer our questions. Staff is also very supportive. Overall very good experience.
lalitha Jain
lalitha Jain
If it is Dr Kartik and Dr Anjali there cannot be a problem . Have been coming to them for 16)17 years... They are the best in addressing patient's dental concerns and problems. They have established excellent personal much so that I refer to Dr. B. Srinivasan as Kartik... Excellent job both of you ..
Himani Joshi
Himani Joshi
I went in for a cleaning but was not informed beforehand that my case won’t be handled by either of the Dr. Srinivasan’s. Staff was professional and courteous, however, the orthodontist on call definitely had a rough hand, making it an overall unpleasant experience. Moreover, the experience felt rushed given the urgency to meet the next appointment despite the 1/2 hr delay in starting mine. Also I firmly believe that patients can do without sarcasm when hearing recommendations from the on call hygienist. Often a simple yet non judgmental opinion is well received by patients. Anyway, hoping for a better experience next time if I do choose to go in.
Sunil Bhise
Sunil Bhise
Nice treatment, good staff👍👍



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