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How to maintain your daily oral care routine?

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Everybody wants a smile that brightens up the room. While some people are ready to go under the knife for it, most do not need to. 


You can have the brightest of smiles by just being very careful about your oral health. Poor oral hygiene is the first cause behind most oral health problems. About 1 in 4 adults from age 20 to 64 years currently suffer from cavities. 


We strongly prompt you to take care of your oral health. If your question is how? Stick around to find out. 


Why have a daily oral care routine?


It is indispensable to have a fixed daily oral care routine. While the body’s natural defense against pathogens is always up and running, it is not enough. 


Let us take a quick look at some key reasons that tell us how important daily oral care routine is:

1. Prevents build up of harmful bacteria

A good oral health ensures that the quantity of bacteria does not exceed a stipulated amount. This prevents oral infections.


Bad oral hygiene causes diseases unrelated to the mouth, such as bacterial pneumonia, pregnancy complications, low birth weight and sepsis. 


2. Prevents loss of teeth

Teeth loss is a common result of poor dental hygiene. Lack of a daily oral care routine can also make your teeth look unkempt. As a result, you end up spending heaps on dental procedures.


Severe cavities, gum diseases and teeth loss are the most prominent oral diseases in the globe.


3.Robs you out of confidence

Your face is the first thing that people see, and your mouth is a crucial part of it. With the lack of a routined dental care, you lose confidence in yourself.


Keeping good care of your mouth is the first step towards a confident smile. 


Tips for a good oral hygiene


It is well established that keeping a positive oral hygiene is a must. Let us find out how:


  • Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily for plaque removal is a must follow routine for good oral hygiene. While brushing regularly is essential, ensure you do not brush too aggressively. 
  • Use fluoride based mouthwash and toothpaste to maintain good oral hygiene. Fluoride helps in preventing tooth decay, even drinking water with fluoride is recommended by WHO. 
  • Ensuring you visit a dentist once in a while can help you gain a professional perspective about the condition of your mouth. This will also help in early detection of any dental illness. 
  • Restricting smoking is not only good for your lungs but also your oral hygiene. Individuals who smoke are at greater risk of mouth cancer, gum diseases, decay and loss of teeth, and bad breath. 
  • Reducing your sugar intake is another good practice for good oral hygiene. Sugary and starchy food items can cause cavities and tooth decay. 

Professional dental hygiene for clean teeth


Prevention is always better than cure. Keeping your teeth in a great condition is best done with daily routine-based care. But if you fail at it and develop the problem of unclean teeth then the next step is to seek professional help. 


The process of professional teeth cleaning involves:

  1. Physical examination – Your dentist will commence the procedure with a physical examination. This step is crucial in checking dental hygiene for clean teeth.
  2. Removal of plaque – If your dentist finds that your teeth are not clean, he will first start with the removal of plaque and tartar.  
  3. High power brushing – To get proper dental hygiene for clean teeth you dentist will brush your teeth using an electric high powered brush. 
  4. Flossing – After this, the dentist will floss your teeth in a highly professional manner ensuring perfect cleanliness. 
  5. Rinsing with liquid fluoride – To ensure dental hygiene for clean teeth, your dentist will make you rinse your mouth with liquid fluoride. 
  6. Fluoride treatment – Last step is fluoride treatment. In this, the dentist will treat your teeth with fluoride making it stay protected for at least 6 months. 

Your oral health speaks volumes about your overall well-being. Ensure a lifetime of great smiles and high confidence with good dental hygiene.

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