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With kids, dental treatment is not the same as for adults. Kids are more prone to cavities and parents are not very sure on what is the best way to maintain their kids’ oral health. This is why getting good dental treatment is essential. 

If you reside in Pune, and want to seek dental help for your kid, then we have the perfect place for you to visit. At Smile-Inn Dental Clinic, kids receive the finest dental treatment in Pune. Want to find out more about kids’ dental treatment in Kothrud, Pune? We got you.

Dental checklist for your child’s back-to-school

  • Regular dental checkups are a must, for every school age child.

  • Regular tooth brushing prevents tooth decay and disease.

  • Provide your child with snacks and lunch items that are healthy and nutritious.

  • Make sure that your sports minded child is protected with a mouth guard, while participating in sports activities.

Advantages of getting kids dental treatment?

Coming to Smile-Inn for your kids’ dental treatment in Kothrud is a good option. We say so because of the below given advantages:

  • At Smile-Inn, your kid will feel at home. The ambience is not like that of a typical dental clinic, everything is very relaxing and the staff is welcoming.
  • To receive expert kids’ dental treatment in Kothrud, Smile-Inn is a great option because the dentists here are experts at providing treatments to kids.

  • At Smile-Inn Dental Clinic, your child will receive a full oral checkup on every visit, the dentists take a preventive approach of treatment as they try to prevent any future dental problems.

While there are many other clinics for kids’ dental treatment in Kothrud, Smile-Inn might just become your kids favourite within the very first visit.

Why should you look for a clinic for kids dental treatment?

Dental treatment for kids is not the same as that for adults. Kids must be handled with extra care, and extra love. As a parent, you should look for some specific features in a clinic for kids dental treatment in Kothrud.

  • The dental experts in the clinic should have some specific training to treat kids. Pediatric dentists are the specialists who treat dental problems in kids. You should look for dentists who have some experience with treating kids.
  • Choose a clinic that uses the preventive approach of kids dental treatment, this means that the dentist treats your child in a way that prompts prevention of cavities, and other dental problems.
  • To give the right kids dental treatment, the clinic should have a welcoming and kid-friendly environment. This is to ensure the experience does not scare the kids.

Qualified Doctors


Dr. B Srinivasan

Prosthodontist & Implantologist


Dr. Anjali Srinivasan

Esthetic Dentist

At-home oral hygiene care for kids dental treatment

Since preventive treatment is a very important part of kids dental treatment in Pune, you can also do it on your own. Here are some tips for you:

  • Prevent giving sugary food to your kids
  • Always brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss everyday
  • Rise your kids’ mouth with fluoride water

Teach your kids how to do all this on their own, and help them do it as soon as their teeth start coming. You won’t need kids’ dental treatment in Pune, if you are careful on your own. 

Now you are completely ready to know where to invest your time and money to get kids dental treatment.

We hope your treatment visit is fun and healthy!

What oral treatments are offered for kids dental treatment?

To get the right kids dental treatment, look at the range of treatments offered at the clinic. At Smile-Inn, you will find each of these:

  • Treatment for cavities – One of the most common kids’ dental treatment is to treat cavities. 

  • Treatment for bad breath – The problem of bad breath can develop at any age, but it is also very common with children.

Treatment for sensitivity – Children often get sensitive teeth, always go for a clinic that offers sensitivity treatment as kids dental treatment in Pune.

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Frequently asked questions

A toothbrush with soft bristles and a small head, especially one designed for infants, is the best choice for infants. Brushing at least once a day, at bedtime, will remove plaque bacteria that can lead to decay.

"First visit by first birthday" is the general rule. To prevent dental problems, your child should see a pediatric dentist when the first tooth appears, usually between 6 and 12 months of age, certainly no later than his/her first birthday.


Thumb and pacifier sucking habits that go on for a long period of time can create crowded, crooked teeth or bite problems. If they are still sucking their thumbs or fingers when the permanent teeth arrive, a mouth appliance may be recommended by your pediatric dentist. Most children stop these habits on their own.


With contemporary safeguards, such as lead aprons and high-speed film, the amount of radiation received in a dental X-ray examination is extremely small. Even though there is very little risk, pediatric dentists are particularly careful to minimize the exposure of child patients to radiation. In fact, dental X-rays represent a far smaller risk than an undetected and untreated dental problem.


What Our Patient Say About Us

Manasi Joshi
Manasi Joshi
Sanman Kulkarni
Sanman Kulkarni
Very nice and polite and efficient and fast services with good quality. Staff is very helpful.
sejal yannawar
sejal yannawar
I had a time crunch and they helped me with multiple fillings and a root canal very efficiently in the given time that we had. They were quite patient and understanding as well.
Prajna Honawar
Prajna Honawar
Deepti Kulkarni Sharma
Deepti Kulkarni Sharma
Ganesh Chaudhari
Ganesh Chaudhari
Good service for dental related
Preeti Shenolikar
Preeti Shenolikar
Dr is perfect in his work. Also very calm & has lot' s of patience to answer our questions. Staff is also very supportive. Overall very good experience.
lalitha Jain
lalitha Jain
If it is Dr Kartik and Dr Anjali there cannot be a problem . Have been coming to them for 16)17 years... They are the best in addressing patient's dental concerns and problems. They have established excellent personal much so that I refer to Dr. B. Srinivasan as Kartik... Excellent job both of you ..
Himani Joshi
Himani Joshi
I went in for a cleaning but was not informed beforehand that my case won’t be handled by either of the Dr. Srinivasan’s. Staff was professional and courteous, however, the orthodontist on call definitely had a rough hand, making it an overall unpleasant experience. Moreover, the experience felt rushed given the urgency to meet the next appointment despite the 1/2 hr delay in starting mine. Also I firmly believe that patients can do without sarcasm when hearing recommendations from the on call hygienist. Often a simple yet non judgmental opinion is well received by patients. Anyway, hoping for a better experience next time if I do choose to go in.
Sunil Bhise
Sunil Bhise
Nice treatment, good staff👍👍



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